Digital Mixing Console


ICB supplies thousands of Sound, Video, AV, Lighting, and Control products from over 300 major manufacturers.

You can buy products from us as part of an installed system, an equipment package, or as an individual equipment item. All method of purchase are supported by our "We service what we sell" policy.

As an installed system: 
Our commercial sales department will provide you with a complete solution. We will design your system, sell you the products, and then provide installation followed by ongoing after the sales support. Our commercial sales department is happy to meet with you at your facility to assess your needs.

As an equipment sale: 
Our retail sales department will work with you to determine your needs and sell you the right products. This approach works well when you already have in-house design and installation capability.   You will still enjoy our highly recognized support for products you buy through our retail sales department. Our sales staff are available for walk-in, over the phone, by e-mail, or by appointment at your convenience.