Various Microphones


ICB supplies audio products for Recording Studios, Sound Reinforcement, and all AV applications.

Look to us for Microphones, Recording Hardware and Software, Outboard equipment, Preamplifiers, Studio monitors, Power amplifiers, Sound Reinforcement Speakers, Mixing consoles, Wireless Microphones, In-Ear Monitoring Systems, Headphones,  Ceiling Speakers, Audio Matrices, Distribution Amplifiers, 70 Volt Line Amplifiers and Speakers, Noise Masking Systems, Audio over IP, and more.

Significant manufacturers in our Audio product lines include Bose, EV, QSC, Mackie, Yamaha, Digidesign, JBL, and EAW.

If you have a regular or a specialized application for audio, call us today and we will gladly take care of it for you.