Field Service & Repair

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Service and Repair Contracts

Service and Repair Contracts can be customized to your specific needs.

Contracts typically include:

  • Confidential telephone numbers to call outside normal business hours
  • Troubleshooting, and solutions to user questions over the phone
  • On-site response to installation and equipment failures that occur outside normal ICB business hours
  • Priority accelerated response to installation and equipment failures that occur during normal ICB business hours

Service and Repair Contracts generally require the following commitment from our customers:

  • Full documentation must be retained on-site with the system
  • A key holder with access to all locations in the building who has knowledge of the system and exact details of the failure must be on hand at the time of service
  • A system user who has undergone training with ICB must be available to talk to the ICB representative by phone before a visit is made so that simple tests and troubleshooting may be performed over the phone