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ICB was founded by Ian Budd in 1976.

He had previously worked in England with a major British mixing console manufacturer and had come to the United States on a project for them. Ian\\'s expertise was so much in demand that he stayed, creating ICB, a company servicing and installing multi-track tape recorders, mixing consoles, and other equipment for professional recording studios.

After a few short years, ICB expanded into equipment sales and installations - not only for recording studios, but also for many of the business clients of those studios.

From that time on, the company experienced growth in all of its product lines,  services, and areas of expertise developing into the leading AV equipment company it is today.

ICB\\'s first home was the Media Center, a wonderful French Chateau style building that used to be the Engineering Society for the University of Cincinnati.

The building was an incubator for several companies in the field of audio and video including a video production company, an audiovisual presentation company, three recording studios, a satellite communications company, a photographer, and interestingly a company called the Bonbonerie who provided us with wonderful desserts every day. If you are from the Cincinnati area, you will probably remember the Media Center for it\\'s technical innovation and the grandest Christmas party in town.

After outgrowing the Media Centre and one interim location, ICB purchased its own 10,000 square feet facility in 1993.

While architecturally different from the Media Centre, this building has proven to be an exceptional facility for providing customer service and support.

In 2004, and again in 2013, ICB purchased adjacent facilities that brought an additional 22,000 square feet of space. We now house our expanding installation, service, and engineering departments in those locations.

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