Basketball Arena

With 10,250 seats and 14,415 square feet of space, ICB’s challenge in this arena was to engineer and install a sound system that was capable of being heard in all locations over the basketball team’s very loud and enthusiastic supporters.

The sound reinforcement system that was provided comprised 9 clusters of Eastern Acoustics Works speakers positioned around the catwalks to provide 360 degrees of even coverage.

Since the venue is also used for concerts, graduations, trade shows, and conventions, a computer controlled digital matrix was installed to permit changes in speaker coverage at a touch of a button to meet the preprogrammed needs of each of those events.

The design concept of the sound system was to convert audio to a digital signal as close to the source as possible and then transport it by fiber optic cable to the control room on the upper level where it entered the control matrix.  The signal then continued in digital form to the amplifier room where it was sent to the speakers.

Sound and video was also distributed throughout the facility to over one hundred video monitors and literally hundreds of speakers in the concourses, hallways, private boxes, bars, and lounges.

A media production room and a full satellite truck dock for broadcasting major national events was also installed.

Another part of the facility comprises several conference rooms and an executive meeting room all of which were fitted out with video projectors and control systems. A central equipment room provides unified AMX control of all of the rooms as well as serving as the central media distribution point.

Yet another level of the facility contains banquet rooms where large screen projection and sound reinforcement systems were installed.

Recently ICB designed and installed a complete arena sound system upgrade utilizing state of the art Danley sound reinforcement speakers.