Athletic Village

Athletic Village

This extensive renovation and upgrade of all of the athletics facilities, and the construction of some new venues, positioned the sports programs at  this University to compete with the nation's best.

The term "village" aptly applies because the close proximity and interconnection of the facilities provides ease of use and access to services for all of the sports teams and their student-athletes, similar to that of a small town.

The project comprised three phases.  The AV for all phases was designed and installed by ICB Audio and Video.

Baseball Stadium

The Baseball Stadium Sound and Video system was the first part of the project.

The Baseball Sound System comprised groupings of Community Loudspeakers driven from an amplifier rack located in the main building.  Sound and video distribution was installed for the press and radio boxes. Distributed sound was provided for the concourses and team rooms.

Athletic Center

The centerpiece of the project is the 8 floor Athletic Center, located between the football stadium and the basketball arena. This 236,000-square foot facility is home to all athletic departments, coaches, student athletes and administrators. The Athletic Center houses offices, team meeting rooms, study halls, a sports medicine and hydrotherapy suite, locker rooms, a gymnasium, a 335 seat auditorium, a two-level faculty club with restaurant, a University health suite, and the ticket office.

The AV systems installed by ICB included over 100 flat screen TVs, 30 video projectors and over 200 speakers.  Interconnectivity within the building was by means of a private LAN and a cable TV backbone.

Basketball Arena

The sound system work completed in the Arena comprised the installation of new AV panels, conduit and wiring including connectivity to the truck dock, press rooms, control room, scoreboard room, and central distribution rack. New processors were installed for the sound system. Connectivity to the Athletics Center was made through cable TV distribution from the new head-end created in the arena, and the CAT6 AVLAN network.

As part of the Varsity Village project, ICB Audio and Video designed and installed all of the interconnectivity between the buildings in the providing new Audio and Video tie lines between the arena, the Athletics Center, two truck docks, the baseball stadium, and other surrounding sporting facilities.